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Chef Pierre Bruneau L’Éveillé takes us to Italia

9 janvier 2013

At hotel Ambre, Chef Pierre Bruneau L’Éveillé gives pride of place to Italian cuisine at the restaurant Dolce Vita.

A Mauritian Chef whom likes Italian cuisine

Chef Pierre Bruneau L’Éveillé, native from Mauritius, well known in Mauritius hotel trade, travelled across the world to broaden his culinary knowledge, especially in the Maldive Islands, in Morocco, in Tunisia and in Italia. Thanks to this travelling and a special distinction on his Italian cooking specialisation, Chef Bruneau L’Éveillé is the perfect person to manage restaurant Dolce Vita in the new 4 star hotel in Mauritius. Strong with more than twenty years of experience, Chef Bruneau L’Éveillé is delighted to share his talent and creativity through his inspired Italian cuisine.

All of Italia’s savours are at the Dolce Vita

Pizza lovers can now enjoy and taste firewood cooked pizzas prepared by Chef Bruneau L’Éveillé himself. As a side dish, everyone will compose his own salad with lettuce, roquette salad, or cherry tomatoes available at the buffet. A wide variety of pasta with various sauces are waiting for you on the neighbouring buffet and the essential antipasti, olives and cheeses will complete your meal. To finish on a sweet note, the dessert bar will delight the foodies who hesitate in front of the orange flavoured Panna Cotta or the chocolate mousse, amongst many others ! Fortunately, the gourmands do not have to choose, and can even enjoy all the sweetnesses, before going to taste a Mauritian cocktail to the Coral Bar or to the Shackers, the night club of the hotel !

You can also discover the Mauritian restaurant La Plage, tropical, relaxed and so greedy ! Fortunately that the Fitness center of your Mauritian resort Ambre opens its doors from 7 am in the morning, you can eliminate all your excesses !

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